Thursday, March 26, 2009

US Alarm

Hi friends, How are you?. I am fine and I just hope that everybody are fine. I am now going to blog on a topic which is related to GE home security and GE home security system. This website is the best for GE alarm system . I was going to go into work this weekend and see about putting in 8 hours over the two days in order to not use a sick day, but then realized I cannot find either office’s passcard and hence, cannot get into either location without. Both systems are different, and I cannot recall who we are with, though I do know that it isn’t an ADT alarm system.I’ve never lived in a home that used a home security system like ADT home security but Jeff does. I am privy to the passcode and it is nice to know that he trusts me. I think it is a good investment for a house. For a condo though, I don’t seen the need for an ADT home security system. I mean most condos nowadays have cameras all over the place, a 24 concierge and extensive use of passcards to get through the building. Why then should I need a security system inside my condo? If someone wanted to break in, they would have to get pass the concierge twice (in and out) and need a passcard to get into the building and try to bypass all the cameras. Just seems like a waste of money to me. Another waste of money? Having a great security system and forgetting to turn it on and getting burglarized, which was a story I heard from my co-worker’s husband while we were sitting out on her backyard deck prior to the CD release party we were heading too. I mean, if you have the system and live in a multi-million dollar home…I’d be using it even when I was home.

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