Friday, May 29, 2009

Hair transplant

Hi friends, I am now going to blog on a topic related to hair transplant. This website is so cool to know about hair transplant.For guys to experience hair loss, I guess, it’s a bit bearable. Besides, it’s okay for guys to have short to bald hairs. Though there are some who want to have their normal hair. But have you seen a woman/mother who loss her hair? In my experience, I have a relative who loss her hair right after giving birth of her baby. I don’t know if it’s because of her not eating the right kind of foods or maybe it’s because of her not taking care of herself. Or maybe she has other health problems. Thinning of hair due to falling hair is okay but baldness is a different story. She’s suffering for hair loss for several years now. In order for her to hide it, she is will always covering her head with a piece of cloth or wear hat anywhere she will go. If and only if she has the money for hair loss treatment, I’m sure, she will embrace it. Having hair is like being crowned with the most precious crowns in the world since hair is the natural crowning glory.Anyway, as what I’ve said on my previous article, that for your hair loss treatment whether you will chose hair transplantation, hair systems or hair laser treatment, just visit NU/HART at When you will choose hair transplantation, that will be permanent and you will be having a hair just like what you have before or even more. And oh, you can also choose Rogaine and Propecia aside from hair systems and hair laser treatment. But when you will prefer to have hair systems, just call ‘Roberta Bukowski, Nu/Hart Styling Director at 1-800-833-1964’. For hair transplantation, you can choose from natural solution, rapid results and neo-grafting (follicular unit extraction).But when you are not sure yet of what hair treatment to chose, just enjoy NU/HART’s free consultation. Also, check on their prices and if possible their promotions since I’m sure you will enjoy discounted offers there. If you are concern with their Medical Team, might as well check for it. Just visit this site to know more about hair transplant.


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Depression and extreme stress are identified as the common causes of hair loss and altogether inadequate hair care, tumors, diseases like seborrheic dermatitis and hypothyroidism, malnutrition et al are certain other factors that contribute to hair loss in both men and women.

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