Monday, February 15, 2010

Enjoy your day at spa!!!

These are the times where we are living at a frenetic pace. After a few months we desperately need a vacation to have a breathing space for ourselves. There are many vacation spots in Australia but none beats the Q1 resort. They are situated just overlooking the Gold Coast of Australia. The atmosphere is wonderful here. The living conditions are conducive to the atmosphere we need for a vacation. They have an internationally award winning spa which boasts of combining the ancient therapies from Dream time and modern day spa technologies. One can experience a traditional indigenous smudging ceremony at spa which will cleanse the body system and bring a calm mind to us. Their botanical range of spa treatment uses wattle seed protein polish, Qandong hair masque and macadamia facial cream which are all gathered from the bush. After strolling through the lagoon side gardens of Q1 we can view this picturesque spa. Just visit this site now to get an idea about vacation at Q1 resort.


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