Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exit signs

Hi friends, I am now going to blog on a topic related to exit signs. It was very interesting to read about the EXIT SIGNS.Exit Sign or signs that are permanently fixed in place and used by people to identify means of escape. Often used in buildings or shopping centers. Device is part of the building that can not be ignored. And should be used with the strength of the electric power sparingly and not spend energy. Because the exit sign lights also affect the comfort and also to the effect of air pollution if the size does not match the power requirements.Thus ENERGY STAR, an online store that provides electricity for various needs and building a house, has designed a product Exit Signs with a combination of letters and symbols that comply with UL 924. And the need for energy, this sign also comes with 7.10.4 Life Safety Code that have illuminated to meet the requirements of electrical power. That is the approximate power 5 watts or less per face.EXIT SIGNS combination product which they are issued any posts such as “EXIT”, “TO EXIT”, “child of”, “to tread”, “ladder”, “KE ladder”, “FIRE ESCAPE”, “TO FIRE ESCAPE”, “FIRE EXIT”, and “TO FIRE EXIT” in which a combination of any posts in compliance with the applicable requirements, the configuration model and a unique name. Issued before, the battery model and also tested whether the requirements as a product. So clearly they are quality proved.Besides spending Exit Sign product is also equipped with a power factor. That is the measurement to determine how effective actual strength of an electrical component, which is the conversion of power or watts. With Energy Star products from this, in addition to your home or building to be energy efficient, but also reduce the pressure high energy, increase comfort, and of course protect the environment. Use of energy in the house or building you will also be more efficient and pollution free. Just visit this site to know more about Exit Sign.

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