Thursday, December 13, 2007

BILLA 1980 vs BILLA 2007

We know that BILLA the Ultimate star's latest movie is releasing today.It has brought everyone to its peak expectations as the movie was given a very big hype,because it was a remake of our one and only SUPERSTAR 'RAJNIKANTH's movie BILLA.The Basic story is as same as that of superstars BILLA with minor changes. ULTIMATE STAR 'AJITH KUMAR' is playing the role of BILLA.

Billa' The very name immediately brings before our eyes the tall, dark, young and handsome Rajinikanth with his typical 'style'. A movie to reckon with in the history of Tamil cinema, Billa was a cult movie in the early 1980s, which brought stardom to Rajinikanth.

After almost two and half decades, 'Billa' revisits Kollywood. But this time in a different form. The blockbuster is remade in Tamil cinema to suit the contemporary audience in the same title. The handsome Ajith takes up the mantle from Rajinikanth to play the amiable don 'Billa'.

A heady mix of commercial cocktail, the original version of Billa won the admiration of everyone for the 'Rajinikanth magic' worked well on screen. Hoping to recreate the magic is Ajith. The latter reportedly called on Rajinikanth and sought his blessings and advice on performing the roles before commencing the shooting.

We hope the history is gonna repeat with the grand success of the movie.As im a Die Hard fan of Ajith Kumar i hope it will be a biggest hit in the history of tamil cinema.with that i pray god for Ajith to bring all success to him.

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