Friday, December 14, 2007


Its going to be a big super sunday at the EPL this weekend and we are going to witness two of the greatest rivalries of all time in the english football history.Yes,Manchester united is taking on Liverpool at Anfield.The other match is Arsenal vs Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium.

MAN UTD VS LIVERPOOL:The records still favour man united and liverpool are still to register their first win over united since the 2001 season.Fernando Torres and Gerrard are the guys in form for Liverpool and this makes Rafa Benitez confident that they can secure the win.Manchester United are of course tired after their incident marred clash against Roma in Rome.

ARSENAL VS CHELSEA:Chelsea here will look to throw one over Arsenal today and this will give rise to a three horse race for the crown though Chelsea are very much still in the race their performances this season are lacklusture and this win will boost their ego and confidence.Arsenal will go out there to throw away Chelsea from title contention.

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