Saturday, December 22, 2007


Tottenham Hotspurs took on Arsenal at the Emirates stadium and much was expected from the recently rejuvenated spurs.They got some golden opportunities which would have sealed the fate of the match but it was some messy work from the usually reliable and classy Robbie Keane which cost the spurs the match itself.This match was a disappointment in the first half but began red hot into the second half with Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor snatching the lead for the Gunners.Tottenham had a golden chance with Robbie Keane striking the post from the mouth of the goal post.He made amends however after three minutes with a lovely reverse pass to the skilful Dimitar Berbatov who smashed it via the near post past a hapless Manuel Alumnia.Tottenham got a penalty five minutes later but Robbie Keane messed it up.Then the little known Bentdner came as a substitute for Arsenal and hit a lovely header from the corner kick to win the match for Arsenal 2-1.

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