Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heidfeld happy with his car

The F1 team are trying out an interim car fitted with 2009-specifications, details which include both a wide front wing and narrow rear wing.

Despite Heidfeld's team-mate Robert Kubica and test driver Christian Klien's negative comments regarding the car's appearance, the 31-year-old German star believes the car has been performing particularly well.

"The first day was with let's call it the 'B car', with the next year's rules-style aerodynamics on the front and rear wing, with a lot less downforce in total, with the KERS on the car I was driving, and with the slicks," Heidfeld said.

"Obviously the set-up is far from ideal, especially on my car as I was focusing mainly on the KERS systems.

"We're still having quite a few problems there, but at least we have it in the car. But therefore we were not focusing on set-up work, and that's why we still have quite a lot to learn.

"But I think it's good. Looking around in the paddock, comparing us to the other cars, we already have a nice B-car developed to hopefully get some good information."

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