Saturday, November 22, 2008

Joyce aims to go out on a high

The 30-year-old has agreed to join Sussex next season but will represent the club where he has spent his entire professional career in Asia at the lucrative competition.

"If we do well in this and I do well it would be brilliant to finish off on a winning note," Joyce said.

He added: "That's what I'm hoping. It's been weird because I moved clubs at the end of last season but I've been still hanging around and training with the Middlesex players even though I'm going to Sussex next season.

"I can't wait (for the Champions League). It's the first one ever, there are lots of good players and it's going to be huge."

Winning the Champions League, which comprises club teams from Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan and England, would bag Middlesex £2million, which chief executive Vinny Codrington said would be a massive boost for the club.

"It will be great for everybody if we win it," he said.

"It will allow us to build a new indoor school and it will be great for the players - they'll be going round with very broad smiles. They stand to do very well out of it if we win and they deserve it.

"We are very excited and very honoured and delighted to be the first representatives from this country to take part in the Champions League.

"It's a new adventure for absolutely everybody and it's something we're looking forward to with a lot of relish."

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