Sunday, November 23, 2008

Raikkonen lacked motivation

After two wins in the first four grands prix, the then-reigning World Champ hit a slump in form that earned him criticism from all quarters with many claiming he had lost his motivation.

And although the 29-year-old repeatedly denied this, he has finally conceded that at times when he was not in a position to win he didn't try all that hard.

"When there are no opportunities to overtake or to improve your position it is definitely not very interesting. But that is the way it is," he told Finnish broadcaster MTV3.

"If you know you are fighting only for third place then you maybe don't have the same speed for the whole race as normal.

"When you are driving for the title, naturally things are completely different."

The Finn eventually finished the Championship in third place, 23 points behind winner Lewis Hamilton.

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