Sunday, November 23, 2008

More overtaking

Formula One has largely been criticised in recent years for the lack over overtaking as cars tour the tracks in a procession with only a few passing moves taking place.

However, next year's championship will see a change in the aerodynamic regulations, which McLaren test driver de la Rosa reckons should improve overtaking.

"Yes, definitely," said de la Rosa when asked for his thoughts on overtaking in 2009.

"Considering this is Formula One - if people think the introduction of KERS and the reduction in downforce and slicks is going to transform Formula One, then forget it.

"It will still be a wide car, there will still be aerodynamic effect and offline will stay dirty. It will be easier, but it won't be MotoGP. And people need to understand that.

"The changes are headed in the right direction. The difficulty comes from having so many changes and a massive reduction in testing for next year.

"It will make fine-tuning your car between the races very difficult. It's going to be very interesting - and there won't be enough time to test everything."

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