Thursday, January 24, 2008


Vacations are very important to enjoy oneself and act as stress busters.Italy is one of the countries worth a visit as a vacation spot.Italy has a long and cold winter and summer with few storms.The climate in Italy means that spring is the best time to visit Italy.Italy hotels are of many types ranging from luxury resorts to very cheap hotels.

Rome is the capital city of Italy bristling with life.Rome hotels are available in the range of 38 euros to 145 euros.Venice hotels are very special because they offer hotels at price less than direct when you reserve the hotels there.They have anything from 5 star to budget hotels.

Milan is a city noted for its fashion,cutting edge design and the variety of shopping options there.The climate here is mostly temperate with odd heat waves here and there.Milan hotels range from 35 euros to 169 euros.So if you plan to visit Italy try staying at these hotels.

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