Friday, January 25, 2008


Textboom is the company which are designed to utilize text messaging for bars and night clubs.They have a unique approach and allows you to utilize their services.They have been in this industry for above 40 years and are experienced to market the service to your customers.They are a performance based company.They also offer text messaging solutions for bars and night clubs that allows vip textlist by customers texting a keyword to their shortcode.Once the customer has done this they immedeatly get a reply thanking them for joining the bars and the viplist restuarants.They also get VIP alerts that will be forwarded to the customers.Text messaging for night clubs is a unique concept that has been introduced by textboom and they can accurately plan for the future development of any club.One of the importance is that they offer marketing support for customers.They have a unique system which allows us to get maximum return on their investment.They make sure that our establishment can get benefits to the fullest capacity and they know the art of attracting customers to our establishment.

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