Friday, January 25, 2008


Smorty is a company which connects the advertisers and blogging.Many of them indulge in blogging for passion and fun but they hardly make any money with blogging.I was like that and was introduced into Smorty by my friend who said that you can get paid to blog advertising here.You just need to submit your blog for approval in the early stage.Once your blog is approved you will start to recieve offers from the advertisers to write about them in your blog.You just need to write about them and submit to Smorty who will approve your post.The money would be sent to you by Smorty after the post is approved.Smorty can pride itself on the fact that it is fastest company to pay the bloggers who really enjoy writing for the Smorty.Smorty acts as a bridge between the advertisers and bloggers and helps both of them.Advertisers get traffic and publicity while bloggers like me get some cool bucks through smorty.Smorty is the quickest and genuine way to earn money with blogging.

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