Saturday, January 19, 2008


Vacations are an important way to break out stress and they act as stress busters.Accomodation reservationsare important and they provide the best means of advanced booking for accomodation wherever we go and visit places.Costa Brava is in catalonia in the north east of spain.The areas in Costa Brava has a mixture of sand beach and Pebble beach in north eastern catalonia.It streches from Blanes 60 km north east of Barcelona all the way to the border of France.Costa Brava hotels are very popular and the combination of airfare and hotels are very cheap and this was exploited by the construction of cheap hotels.

Costa del sol is located near Malaga and streches upto Cadiz.The western part of this city is highly developed and allocated for tourism.Costa del sol hotels are very popular and they offer five star hotel accomodation at very cheap prices.Benidorm is in the province of Alicante.Benidorm hotels have become popular as it has attracted British and Dutch tourists and it is a famous vacation center.

Alicante is a popular province and it has worked very hard to assert itself as the capital of Costa Blanca.Alicante hotels are one of the cheapest in the country and over the past decade it has been transalated from a port to an elegant city.Next time if you want to visit these places then make use of these cheap hotels and make your vacations a pleasurable one.

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