Friday, February 29, 2008


Well guys the budget for the year 2008 has been released and it appears to be a good budget overall and it has gone past the goal as an vote garnering instrument.Here the sops announced are for the masses to gather the votes.A few crores dispersed here and there to please everyone: Tea board/spices board/certain institutions and some for a little agricultural research.A revolution could have been made by just cutting down the cost of excess security offered to ministers and utilizing the same for most deeming causes.We are not talking about the lack of effort in this budget but a more fruitful approach could have helped.Reduction on IT surcharge and also removal of cross subsidy would have been definitely welcomed.Should teachers not get their due: unless we have the cream of society taking up teaching we cannot hope to be a superpower.The budget will once again mass produce clerks and peons and long live the mediocrity of our nation!

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