Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Silver jewellery is always considered as the one which plays second fiddle to the Gold but it is neverthless very attractive and has a very good is a website which produces a high quality silver jewellery and also sterling silver jewelry is very famous here.They also give a cheap CZ jewelry and also customer satisfaction comes as the first aim and desire for this great company.

Tiffany jewelry is something which has become the fashion of the day and the tiffany style floating heart silver necklace has become a fashion and most liked by everybody.One of the advantages of buying tiffany jewelry here is that this is their area of specality and one really looks for such jewelry here only.To buy silver jewelry just visit this website.

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jbphdelaney said... is a terrible company. The pictures they use are the actual ones from the Tiffany's website, not their own. When I emailed them to ask about it, they did not deny the pictures were from the Tiffany's website, but said that what was pictured was exactly what I would receive. I also asked for the width of the Tiffany-Inspired Etoile ring. The person responded via email that it was 3/16", which is about 4-5mm (about the max for a normal women's ring). So I ordered it. However, when I received it and put it on, the ring was so wide that it looked like a man's ring! I measured it, and it was about 8mm, just about double what the person had told me! I emailed them to complain that they lied to me about the ring, but never got a response. I also called twice, left a message once, and still have not heard back. I looked the company up on the Better Business Bureau website, and they have an unsatisfactory rating, with 8 complaints in the past 12 months, and 1 of them unresolved. (Make no mistake, it's A LOT of work to submit a claim to the BBB, so there are many more complaints out there that are not formally reported, as I have not formally submitted a complaint yet. I will wait to see if they refund my money first.) I would not ever buy from them again, though! They lie, and then will not respond to your concerns (although they respond promptly when you inquire about their products).