Friday, February 8, 2008


GPS Insight is a software and hardware based product which helps in tracking vehicles.It has been consistently a leader in the GPS tracking field.The free trial are provided here and they do not get large contract from us.The tracking device and also installation are also very easy here.Live demonstrations are also given at the offices or via presentations.The striking aspect is that the site is updated regularly in capabilities and functions based on the input and advice from the customers and this has helped the product develop at an exceptional pace thereby enhancing the efficiency.A live cellphone mapping demonstration is also provided in the site that helps you to understand the whole service clearly.The product provides an update every 2 minutes and provides very high end mapping and customization.Other striking aspects include a 30 day money back guarantee and a lot of other offers to suit your needs.It is also the only product that is available with engine diagnostics viz.real speeds,odometer readings and fuel consumption.All these factors make the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system a class apart.A slideshow,preview and hardware sections are also present separately on the site that enable you to understand the alpha to omega of the committed service offered by GPS Insight.It also has a separate GPS Insight support wiki for customers section that deals with the various support aspects like Standard product support and Enhanced product support.In the former,the standard features supported by the product are analyzed.It deals with questions like mapping and zooming the vehicles on the map.The latter also provide support to google earth system and also rely on cell phone integration..The differences of GPS Insight when compared with the other products have also been analyzed and stated clearly, thereby providing a deep insight into the committed service of GPS Insight.There is also a separate Blog for GPS vehicle tracking that has various categories,and is regularly updated with posts.These posts deal with the practical implementation of this service in different fields.Some of these include Route Repoting with GPS Insight and Proving how a vehicle was towed with this tracking.The blog also has a separate comments section in which people who had used the product have posted the benefits of the service.The categories include services for vehicle tracking,cell coverage,mobile tracking..etc.In General the product's tracking customers are service and trucking companies.So,the next time you want a GPS tracking system for your company,just log into GPS Insight and get their product to have a continuous monitoring of your employees on a regular basis.The GPS insight here is one of the most technologically advanced one and the widely used in the world.

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