Thursday, February 7, 2008


Getting tickets for the music events is very important for all the music fans and also getting a ticket for a music concerts and rock shows is very difficult now a days considering the amount of the expectations and fan following which has increased for the music.The simple solution to these problem is answered by a website called
Versionist and this is one of the premier website or a forum for all the music fans.This is the place where all the music fans unite and also share the music on the forum and also discuss about music of various genres.Getting to sign up here is easy and no fees are charged.They ask for just 4 dollars donation and this is not for their use and only for site maintenance.However this is not compulsory and here you can also get music tickets for all kinds such as pop,rock and country music.They also offer some information about the online casinos and this can be real fun at this website.They also have tickets for Kenney Chesney music and also have been sharing information about the Beatles memorabila and have collection of Beatles songs.Just to register with this forum visit this website.

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