Friday, February 29, 2008

Social Golf Network

Hi friends,I just went through an website on the internet which will generate great interest among the golf players.The website I went through is a social network for golfers and a lot of golfers have registered to it.They have been maintaining a forum and a lot of golfers can chat various things about golf here.When you talk to your fellow golf players over here about the game there is every chance that your game will be improved and you can pick up lot of tips from your fellow players here.Also there are various options available here and you can search for your favourite golf course here and also get the map or a picture of the golf course itself.In short this website acts as a room where you can discuss everything about the game.The golf community is also available and you can just sign up there and make your profile known to everybody around there.They also offer various tips on everything related to the game of golf such as improving the putting skills and so on.You can also view your free yardage book right here.If you have played a game of golf casually with your friends you can post it up right here for the others to know about your prowess in the game.You can look at various green guides which are famous around this world.One can also talk with the fellow golfers casually and also seriously about the game as well.Some of the popular golf courses and featured ones are already listed here and play golf with your friends and also join this great website for golfers.

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