Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pimp your Gnome

Hi guys, I am now going to blog on an interesting topic which is related to the Bling Gnome. You can enter into the world of dungeon runners jam packed into the realm of magic and , exciting adventures and giant icky monsters which will fascinate you for sure. The 3D fantasy games are getting better with each passing day and particularly with the introduction of helper gnomer who would pick up the gold which was left behind or dropped on to the ground. This little gangster will do all the running around to take the golden squat. Bling gnome in dungeon characters helps you to save time. This little and very friendly creatures can help your character by producing the gold from the items which you do not need or which you found on the ground.  The bigger chance of pooping out an ultra-powerful item is when your character picks up items at once and to celebrate the release of the dungeon runners was created by the game developers and you also have a chance to win a 350 dollars best buy gift card. Just dress up your bling gnome with favorite jewelries and hats or you yourself dress up like a gnome and stand on a shopping mall!You can also download this game and just visit this site now. Unknown-1
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