Saturday, February 2, 2008


Holidays and vacations are very important for an individual to relax oneself and also to beat out tension and stress.In short holidays act as stress busters.While going for holidays it is important that we go to the right places and also enjoy the vacations.Scandanavia is a perfect place for holidaying and the road trips are exciting.On Sweden road speed is upto 110 km/hour and sweden hotels are excellent.

Stockholm is the energetic city and the capital of sweden.Stockholm hotels range from 245 sek to 1812 sek and the hotels have great facilities.Some of the roads in Norway are closed during the cold season but the mountains crossings are open and Norway hotels are affordable for everyone.Oslo is the capital city of Noway and the Oslo hotels are very cheap and the city is ideal for road trips.The time you plan to visit Scandanavia just plan your vacations with cheaperthan hotels and enjoy it.

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