Friday, February 1, 2008


The six nations rugby tournament is one of the tournaments conducted across Europe and it is a very prestigious tournament.This website is a popular website catering information about all the rugby matches of this tournament conducted across Europe.All the details about the rugby games going on and the fixtures are given in this website and also rugby podcast is available here.This website also presents the latest information of what is going on in the team's camp of all the six nations namely England,France,Italy,Wales,Ireland and Scotland and to add to its beauty it also contains interactive sections like competitions and podcasting sections.There are also seperate sections for the under 20,under 18 teams and also the rugby matches which are held for women also.You can get all the live scores here and the latest information about what is going on in the team's camp.You can also get the important snapshots of the rugby matches and also the videos of each matches can be seen from the multimedia section and for all the rugby fans this website is a treat.

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