Friday, June 27, 2008

Pat Calathes

Calathes is part of the new wave of tall small-forwards making their way into the NBA, players who are comfortable facing the basket, handling the basketball on the perimeter and shooting the ball from deep.

The Saint Joseph's senior plays like a guy who is below 2m (he is listed as 2.08m), and has NBA three-point range on his shot. Calathes shot well in his senior season from downtown (40%), and has proven to be very proficient from midrange in workouts.

Although he is not the fastest defender on the court, often lacking the lateral quickness to stay in front of quicker, smaller opponents, Calathes has length and size on his side, as well as an extra 5kg of muscle developed this summer in the weight room. He also has a very high basketball IQ, and can anticipate moves and shots before they happen on the court.

Pat Calathes will figure as a very good role player for years to come, particularly on a team that plays on the outside.

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