Monday, May 12, 2008

Classic style

I am not a person who will browse through the internet all the time but I will browse for things which I am passionate about and the ones which I find to be interesting. Yes I am talking about the video contest presented by Dockers and I am so passionate about it that I have started browsing through the videos uploaded there already. Dockers contest is a special contest where everybody will get a chance to upload their 30 second videos and the winner of the contest will get to see their videos displayed on the NBC. Dockers also present a classic style contest and is the one which is concerned about the fashion. Well this is a contest which is all about innovation and creativity. The fashion icon who admire most is the celebrity Micheal Jackson. I always admire his fashion style because he is a classical man when it comes to fashion and as far as I am concerned I am yet to see a fashion faux pass from him.There are a lot of fashion trends which are currently evolving to keep pace in this modern world though I am a huge fan of the classical styles. Ideally though I would like to see a blend which combines the classical style and the modern styles and I have seen a lot of videos belonging to my liking. I would recommend everybody to upload their original 30 second videos here and a chance to display them on the NBC is not far off as long as it is original. Just visit this site now for more information.
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