Monday, May 12, 2008

The Nightmare awards

As I said guys I am not a big fan of movies but one movie which has made me to stand up and take notice is just this movie frontier(s) and it is a Horror Movie which opens in select theater listings. Well I am accustomed to watching some horror movies and scary movies in full but I think I will not be able to watch this movie in full. In fact I was really horrified to watch the trailer in full because it is gory and full of violence. Also this movie will be screened only in select theaters because of the fact that this is unrated and only a few of the theaters have come forward to screen this movie. Authorities have refused to rate this movie as R and this is a major surprise and this movie has already generated a lot of hype and contrevosies. The horror scale in this movie I think is of enormous proportions and is definitely greater than the new generation but overrated horror movies like wax in the museum, saw and also hostel. This movie releases on May 9th in selected theater listings and also by DVD on May 13 th. I am itching t0 watch this movie and the Trailer has already been watched by me.
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