Saturday, May 24, 2008

Orange Web Hosting

Hi friends, I was not a great fan of internet browsing but me and my friend James are planning to start a new website and we are on the prowl for a web hosting services. We just went through the list of many web hosting services on offer and we selected a one which looked best when compared to others and is A Small Orange Web Hosting. This is the best web hosting service you can get for your website and we came to this decision upon considering factors such as flexiblity, cost and quality of service they offer. There are five basic plans they put up on table such as Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Super. One can select anything among these depending upon the level of storage space and Bandwidth you need for the website. What sets this web hosting service apart from the rest is the flexibilty to accomodate for the change in bandwidth and also the reeselling access at just 5 dollars per month. There is also the flexibilty to change from one plan to another anytime you want. The domain name for the website can be registered here along with the web hosting plan selection and it costs 10 dollars per year. Just visit this site now.
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