Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flex your lenses

Well friends, I am going to blog about something which is related to the Dockers contest.Dockers contest is a place where you can actually submit your own 30 seconds video. It was good to see all the videos uploaded in this contest. the winner of the contest will get to be displayed their video on the NBC. This is a contest definitely one would like to participate in and upload their video in this site. The popularity and the magnitude of this contest has been growing by the day where a large number of participants are uploading the videos. The judges have their task cut out in choosing the better videos among the best. The number of videos uploaded here has been enormous and I am thinking that all the videos cannot be watched within a day also. This contest has seen a lot of videos of various genres like music, comedy, action and also musicals. I am very much interested in watching the videos and I have been following this contest with a lot of passion as well. Just visit this site now and get an idea about the theme of this video uploading contest and invite everybody to see the videos as well.
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