Friday, May 30, 2008

Best CD Rates

Hi guys, I am not the sort of a person who browses through the internet all the time but my friend Nadhari is and he introduced me to this site which is concerned about the best CD rates. emoneycentral dot com is a personal finance website that tracks the best rates in the savings account, checking accounts and the certificate of deposit accounts and the credit unions across the United States. eMoneyCentral dot com is right now listing the savings account that earn up to six percent annual yield and also the CD accounts that earn up to 4.75 percent annual yield. These accounts are all from the federally insured banks and the credit unions. In this site the readers can just compare the savings accounts, checking accounts, and CD accounts from the on rate pages which are easily reached by a top navigation bar. Just visit this site now and an idea of what this site is all about and spread the theme of this site to others.

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