Thursday, May 29, 2008

Savings account

Hi friends, I am going to blog about the Savings Account now. Wamu is like a normal bank or at least is similar to other banks. They say they are informal, friendly and fun. We can’t find this in normal boring banks. In website you can find all they offer in checking & savings, CDs & IRAs, credits cards or loans. They offer all what I may need in this areas. When you decided to try some of the options you may have to introduce your zip code to see if that is available in your area.One of most popular things is open a savings account. They offer some benefits you may consider before choose another bank.They require that you have online banking to open a savings account and you have to have an electronic statement.After that you have to meet some rules. For example it’s recommended you keep at least $300 everyday in your account to avoid one fee of monthly service charge of $4.Their website is really clean and is very simple to use. In the top menu you can find all their options and don’t loose time trying to find what you need. Also there is a “locations” link you can use to search a Wamu place near you. Just visit this site now and get an idea about it and also spread the greatness of this site to others.

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