Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If these Pants could talk

Well friends I am going to blog about something which is concerned about the Dockers contest. Dockers is actually a place where the contestants have a chance to upload their own 30 second videos. The number of contestants uploading their videos at the Dockers contest is increasing by the day. I just came across the awesome Docker's contest which read ‘What if these pants could talk’ and I thought it was something to be dismissed but when I went through the videos I was just amazed because it had so much fun as well. My favorite pair of pants is Calvin Klein and Tiger Jeans because I like to wear them almost everyday and makes attractive women tuned towards me when I put on those attire!. Well guys Dockers contest is so much full of fun and all you have to do is to submit a video which is original and not manipulated. Then you can talk about the pants you like to wear and give a very descriptive view of it and just upload the video to this site. Just visit this site now and upload your video and encourage others to see this video as well. This way the entertainment quotient increases as well.
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